The People’s deputy of Ukraine, a member of the SPU Vasyl Volga considers that “Our Ukraine” split long ago. He told the parliamentary journalists, answering the question of ForUm’s correspondent.

According to the People’s deputy, the fact that the leader of “Our Ukraine” faction Vyacheslav Kyrylenko signed statement on joint oppositional activity is bright example of “Our Ukraine” split.

He noted that there are some influence centers in “Our Ukraine”. “When we hold any negotiations or agree our positions… I will never work with Kyrylenko as he sometimes conducts himself improper to a politician of such level. For example, Kinakh group is people with whom one can negotiate and find compromise,” Volga noted.

He noted about inconsistency of Kyrylenko, giving example when the leader of faction declared last session that Tymoshenko is a betrayer and now after some weeks he signed statement on joint oppositional activity with BYuT. “It shows that it is already a ruin but not a faction," Volga added.


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