First vice PM, Finance Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov disapproves disposal of US anti-missile systems in Czech Republic and Poland, saying this intention is “a threat to Ukraine.”

“We may speak about Korea or Iran, but missiles located near our territory are first of all objects for attack by any of the sides, and it means involving of Ukraine into a conflict,” Azarov said Sunday night in the air of the First national channel.

“And how would Polish authorities have reacted if, for example, Russia had proposed and Ukraine had agreed to disposal of anti-missile systems at the border with Poland? And what was the reaction of Americans when the Soviet Union located its missiles on the Cuba’s territory. Recall Caribbean crisis of 60s! So we must react the same way, because it is first of all threat to Ukraine,” he said.

In this connection Azarov considers this issue will not add forcible arguments to NATO supporters and supporters of Ukraine’s accession into NATO.

The first vice PM also informed that this question had not been discussed in the government yet, but certainly would be. At the same time he noted that “this issue must concern the President, as foreign policy is his prerogative.”


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