Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych chaired a sitting of the Coordination Council for adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the European Union legislation, Cabinet press office reported.

During the sitting the PM noted that under conditions of uncertainty integration into the European Union had frequently come to nothing more than just conversations, expressive but empty.

According to Viktor Yanukovych, today Ukraine faces new conditions and it is early yet to speak about the EU membership. This situation, in the PM’s opinion, “should not freeze but quite the contrary stir up our relations”.

The Head of Government is confident that Eurointegration is, first of all, exceptionally business of the Ukrainian people. “We can and must prove that we are able to fulfill this work during the following ten years – that is the path we must follow together”, Viktor Yanukovych emphasized.

We have every prospect of success due to a unique opportunity of cooperation between the Government and Parliament, the Prime Minister said, adding that the adopted Law on the Cabinet of Ministers clearly determines authorities of executive power.

According to the Prime Minister, he is not pleased with planning and implementation of work on adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the legislation of the European Union. “It gives the impression that the matter concerns only the Justice Ministry but it is not true”, Viktor Yanukovych noticed.

Creation of the government institutional mechanism for controlling draft compliance with the European Union norms will solve this problem situation, the Head of Government thinks.

In 2007 Ukraine will complete the first stage of implementation of national programs on adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the European Union norms. “It is necessary to begin developing measures of the next stage of this program implementation”, Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

Summing up the results of the sitting the Prime Minister has commissioned the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Justice Ministry to complete the draft Measures plan on implementation in 2007of the National program on adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the European Union legislation taking into consideration proposals and observations stated during the sitting of the Coordination Council and to submit it for the Government’s consideration in accordance with established procedure.

On the instructions of the Prime Minister, the Justice Ministry and concerned government authorities shall initiate work on preparing drafts concerning determination of objects and tasks of the second stage of implementation of the National program on adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the EU legislation


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