With his declarations about necessity to dismiss Oleksandr Moroz from the post of the speaker of the VR Our Ukraine faction leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko tries to hide current weakness of his political force. CPU faction member Oleksandr Golub told in an interview to ForUm’s correspondent.

“I think all of them understand that the anti-crisis coalition won’t vote for such propositions,” the deputy added. Golub named Kyrylenko’s declaration “just blowing off steam.”

Leader of SPU faction Ivan Bokiy considers that deputies of Our Ukraine faction will never find enough votes in the parliament to dismiss Moroz from his position.

“Our Ukraine initiates very strange things sometimes. Do you know that they prepare a project of presidential decree on displacement of the Moon from its orbit and on approach of Mars to the Earth? It is the same story as dismissal of Moroz from his post. It is one of these follies, initiated by Our Ukraine all the time,” Bokiy underlined.

“Everyone is allowed to grow stupid, including heads of some parliamentary faction. So let them grow stupid. It is quite enough for understanding who we are dealing with,” Bokiy added.


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