The law on Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has been published Friday in the official editions of the parliament and the government “Holos Ukrainy” and “Uryadovy courier”.  In such a way the law has come into force.

The law on Cabinet is the first law, officially published without signature of the President of Ukraine.

Yesterday Secretariat deputy Chief of Staff Ihor Pukshyn declared that Victor Yushchenko insisted that it would not be lawful to make the controversial law on the cabinet of ministers, signed by Speaker Oleksandr Moroz, public.

“Since the President used his right to veto, the only legal consequence of this veto is to annul the previous vote and reconsider the issue in parliament,” he said.

If the law is nevertheless published officially, the President will appeal to the Constitutional Court to pronounce it unconstitutional, he added.

Pukshyn said it would be a “blatant violation of the Constitution” [to publish the law], urging Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies to follow the situation.  


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