The Finance Ministry of Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) discussed questions on state borrowings in 2006 and plans for 2007.

According to the press service of the Finance Ministry, in the scope of the meeting of the deputy Finance Minister of Ukraine Andry Kravets and head representative of the IMF in Ukraine Gehry Franks considered questions on state borrowings. In particular, Kravets informed the representative of the IMF about planned volumes of borrowings, possible instruments and terms.

The question on further portfolio diversification of foreign borrowings of Ukraine on currency types was also discussed.

In the scope of the meeting, the attention was also paid to cooperation with the IMF within technical support. Franks confirmed readiness of the IMF to contribute the Finance Ministry to solving different questions by means of advisory of Fund’s experts.

Borrowings volume to state budget of Ukraine in 2006 made UAH 11.2. milliard.

The state budget for 2007 foresees that extreme volume of public inner debt of Ukraine will comprise UAH 20.274 milliard and USD 1.33 milliard, and extreme volume of public foreign debt of Ukraine will make USD 9.890 milliard on December 31, 2007.


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