Defense Minister of Ukraine has not determined its position as regards disposal of US anti-missile system in the countries of Central Europe. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko told journalists during his visit to Vasylkovsky military garrison (Kyiv region).

“The Defense Minister has not formulated its position because we need information to report competent position on this question to the President and the government,” Hrytsenko explained.

He noted that on January 29 he met with US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and discussed disposal of US anti-missile system issue.

“I got only a part of information, which is not enough to draw conclusions and report to the President,” the Defense Minister said.

According to the Minister, despite the fact that US pay great attention to Mass Media, they failed to realize information part of the project in Europe, Russia, and even in Poland in Czech Republic.

“They should have made corresponding explanations why they dispose these systems, what sector will be covered,” the Minister underlined.

According to his belief, if the systems defend European countries, it will be of interest to Europe, but if the systems serve to protect US objects, it is obvious that public opinion will be different.

In addition, Hrytsenko noted that if US stations in Poland in Czech Republic monitor Russia’s territory, it may complicate US relations with Russia.

Hrytsenko assured that grounded position of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry will be announced after receiving all information.


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