This year’s presidential address to parliament will focus on ways to improve and develop humanitarian, language and media policies, and to build closer ties with Ukrainian living abroad, Mykola Zhulynsky, chairman of the National Culture Council and one of the co-authors of humanitarian chapters of the address, told a news conference on Wednesday, president's press office reported.

“Since we need to find opportunities to make a breakthrough, it is important to persuade the President that education, science, culture and intellect should become the country’s strategic goals,” he said, adding that domestic and foreign investments should be used to develop our educational and intellectual potential, which will help boost the local economy. 

Zhulynsky said the President saw national values as a foundation to formulate humanitarian policies in Ukraine.

“Thus we paid much attention to ways to unite our society while preparing the address,” he said.

He added that all branches of Ukraine’s government should be involved in developing the humanitarian sphere in the country.


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