According to Deputy Minister of Defense Volodymyr Tereshchenko, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine intends to add the armored troop carrier "BTR-ZU" to its arsenal; this armored troop carrier has been commonly designed with German and US companies for export needs, “Cabinet press office” reported.

The Deputy Minister is convinced that the combat vehicle can meet the Ukrainian Armed forces demands.

The armored troop carrier is used for the infantry transportation and its accompanying artillery; it can be used for the reconnaissance, patrol and peacekeeping operations, and for the casualty evacuation. It is mounted with the Ukraine-produced combat unit "Shkval" with the 30 mm. automatic gun coupled with the 7,62 mm. machine gun "PKT", the anti-tank guided missile "Konkurs", the smoke screen system "Tucha", the arms stabilizer "Karusel" and the optic-video system "Cyclop 1".

In 2006 11 items of military equipment were added to the Armed Forces of Ukraine's arsenal. It is expected to add 22 types of arms in 2007.


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