The Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) calls upon the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko to veto the law on Imperative mandate for people’s deputies of the VR of Crimea and local councils. The letter of the CVU, forwarded to the Head of the State, told.

“The CVU considers that adopted law does not solve the problem of party discipline, the law creates new antidemocratic mechanisms and restricts power of local people’s deputies instead, the letter said.

According to the CVU, the law on imperative mandate breaches the Constitution of Ukraine and does not correspond practice of the European democratic countries.

“First of all, the Ukrainian legislation does not have reverse power, thus norm on termination of plenary powers for those people’s deputies, who are out faction before the law introduction, is anti constitutional. Then the ;aw does not give irrefragable ground list for termination of plenary powers. Consequently, the head of the party can deprive deputy mandate at any reasons. This significantly restricts both deputy’s rights and voters’ rights. The Imperative mandate got negative resume of Venetian commission? And its implementation will negatively reflect international image of Ukraine,” CVU noted.

In general, adoption of this law will be a step back, the letter said.

In case of The President vetoes this law, the CVU intends to ask the deputies not to override the veto, Interfax-Ukraine informs.


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