The national flag of Ukraine celebrated its official birthday on Sunday. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine made a blue-yellow banner the National flag on January 28, 1992. The blue-yellow flag was first in the newest Ukrainian history officially hoisted over the Kyiv City Council in summer 1990.

The yellow-blue colors symbolized the Kyiv state far before Christianity had been adopted in the Rus. Following the Christianity's adoption, these colors were consecrated by the vivifying Cross image. But following Tatar Batiy hordes invasion the symbolism disappeared, and then rose on the church ornaments and the Ukrainian cities' emblems. Almost all the emblems of the Kyiv region's cities and Ukraine had, in general, yellow-blue color spectrum. Beginning from the XVIII century, the Cossacks' regiments and companies' flags of the Zaporizhzhya Troops were embroidered more often with a blue width, and yellow cross, stars, weapon, and the holies images on them.

The oldest Ukrainian flags were three-cornered and wedge-shaped. In the late XIIІ century the four-cornered flags with wedge width on a free end had appeared. At the beginning of the XX century the yellow-blue banner appeared in the Halychyna, and was used by the Ukrainian Sich riflemen. The yellow-blue color combinations were also used by the Ukrainian People's Republic. In March 1939, the Carpathian Ukraine adopted the blue-yellow banner as well.

The first flag of the Ukrainian SSR (adopted in March 1918) combined a red color with the golden letter "Ukrainian SSR" and gold-framed. Then it had disappeared, and the abbreviation periodically was replacing into the Ukrainian SSR (1923), the Ukrainian SRR (1927). In 1937 the Republic adopted a new flag - red color with golden crossing of sickle and hammer and letters the "Ukrainian SSR". The Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR Presidium adopted a horizontal stripes arrangement in 1949.

Flag of Ukrainian Soviet People's Republic (1937)

A question on the national symbolism (on flag, in particular) had been raising in late 1980 repeatedly. In 1989 it was considered at the 2nd USSR people's deputies meeting. After Ukraine proclaimed its independence, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine issued the decree "On the National flag adoption as the State flag of Ukraine" in 1992.


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