President of Ukraine still intends to hold a roundtable with representatives of the power scheduled for February 14, but he considers that to find a compromise is necessary to carry out certain conditions. Press secretary of the President Iryna Vannikova told at a press conference.

“First of all, the matter concerns final adoption of the law on Cabinet in accordance with the Constitution and regulations of the Verkhovna Rada,” she said.

Besides, Yushchenko considers that the agenda should not include issues, which may lead the dialogue into a dead end. “This time the matter concerns working out of a law on President, cancellation of NSDC, new grounds of home and foreign policies,” she added.

Yushchenko is convinced that the society must be offered well worked-out proposition, but not attempts of unconcealed lugging of plenary powers.

In response to the question whether such demands of the President are an ultimatum, Vannikova said: “The President do not present an ultimatum. He is ready to compromises and negotiations, but there is a certain line, having crossed which it is impossible to hold talks. That is why, to hold the roundtable the President speaks about certain conditions.”


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