Ukraine is one of ten countries of the world with the most difficult ecological situation, according to the American non-governmental organization Blacksmith Institute.  In 2006 Blacksmith Institute initiated the first-ever list of the World's Worst Polluted Places, a top 10 of toxic locations where pollution severely impacts human health, particularly the health of children.

Ukraine appeared in the list because of the land around Chernobyl nuclear plant. One major reason for the concern is that though an enormous amount of radiation was released during the disaster, most of the radioactivity remained trapped within the plant itself.

Some estimate that more than 100 tons of uranium and other radioactive products, such as plutonium, remain to be released if there is another accident. Chernobyl is also thought to contain some 2,000 tons of combustible materials. Leaks in the structure lead experts to fear that rainwater and fuel dust have formed a toxic liquid that may be contaminating the groundwater.


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