Today, on behalf of Prime Minister, Vice Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev held the meeting concerning vexed topics of consumers’ payments for natural gas in January of the current year and paying off the debt for 2006, Cabinet press office reported.

Andriy Klyuyev invited to attend the meeting the heads of those regions, where the situation proves the worst in the country.

According to the analysis, for 25 days of January consumers’ liabilities for spent natural gas have raised by 750 million hrn. At this, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, Lugansk, Kharkiv and Kherson regions account for 54% of this debt.

According to the funds of the Regional State Administration for the stated period, the average level of payments along Ukraine makes up 32,5%, where pays from the stated category of consumers in Lugansk region stands at 20,8%, Dnipropetrovsk region at 22,2%, Kherson 23,6%. The worst numbers for January of this year were shown by enterprises of communal heat-and-power engineering. The average level of payments through Ukraine stands at 29%.

Vice Prime Minister authorized the heads of regional state administrations, under their personal responsibility, to provide for mobilization of all possible financial resources in the regions to perform timely payments for gas consuming and clear liabilities for the spent gas amounts. He charged to activate the work of fuel energy complex committees whose responsibility is to provide weekly monitoring of money from the population, received by the heat supply enterprises, and the state of payments for the used gas, made by the latter; to take strong measures to raise the responsibility of the heads of heat supply enterprises concerning timely payments for the spent gas volumes.


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