Security Service of Ukraine did not bug chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Moroz, deputy SBU chief Gennady Moscal told in an interview to “Kyiv telegraph.”

He said that SBU’s reputation is being damped by such public intrigues and leak of information. According to him, any decoding of talks, appearing in Internet, is arrogated to SBU.

“We did not bug the speaker. Our only fault was that we had not prevented this disgrace,” Moscal declared. According to him, it is shameful situation when anyone who feels like it settles a score with someone or fights for portfolios.

Moscal also considers that SBU should not be used for “destroying rivals.” According to him, “it would be strange to deny that SBU officials never carry out commercial orders.” “Every family has its black sheep, but the question is how to capture these black sheep in an initial stage of degradation,” Moscal summed up.


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