Olexander Zadoroxhny a member of supreme justice council considers that at the moment official publication services have no right to publish the law on the Cabinet.

Answering the question whether official publication services may publish the law on the Cabinet, Zadorozhny said: “In my opinion they may not.” He explained that Mukachevo court’s decision on prohibition to publish this law is still value.

He noted that the fact of no publication of the law in today’s editions of “Governmental courier” and “Voice of Ukraine” means that “anti crisis coalition is ready for compromises and search of these compromises is going on.”

Zadorozhny also noted that supreme justice council can consider any court case like Mukachevo court had a right to consider a complaint. At the same time Zadorozhny said that there is no decision of supreme justice council yet, there are only instructions to make verification in accordance with the law.


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