The officials of PACE on Ukraine calls up to stop “war” between the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and the Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych.

It is said in informational remarks, published today, on results of visit of the officials of PACE to Ukraine on October 9-12, 2006.

“Continuous confrontation reduces to zero hope of political consensus in making further decisions for speed up necessary reforms in Ukraine,” informational remarks said.

It is also noted in this document that signing of “Universal” pact of national unity was a positive moment to support “reforms moment”, started by Yekhanurov Government and course to Euro-Atlantic integrity.”

“Ukraine has unpredictable political system without fixed rules, norms or political traditions. Political agreements are signed among political forces only to be breached next day. Policy has lack of strategy and transparency and lack of interest in reforms. It casts doubts upon irreversibility of spirit of “Universal” and increase distance between the State and society in Ukraine and seriously undermines Ukraine’s authority as reliable partner,” the results say.


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