A visit of the PACE monitoring committee's rapporteurs in Kyiv and Donetsk, is slated for March 2007, rapporteur Hanne Severinsen told the VR's permanent delegation to the PACE is Strasbourg, “Cabinet press office” told.

Speaking about introduction of political reform in Ukraine, Hanne Severinsen stressed the issue will be put into a question at the meetings in Kyiv and Donetsk. According to her, realization of constitutional reform in Ukraine is expedient.

Hanne Severinsen stressed the PACE will consider a preliminary report on Ukraine and suggest its recommendations for Ukraine. The recommendations will be submitted for the Ukraine delegation's consideration. A respond is expected in turn by the PACE.

In turn, Head of the VR permanent delegation to the PACE Vitaliy Shybko stated his gratitude for a properly elaborated report, which sees balanced illustration of data.

According to Vitaliy Shybko, the document highlights achievements and constructive offers.

The participants also discussed political and economic situation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian parliamentarians suggested holding meetings with President Viktor Yushchenko, Speaker Oleksandr Moroz and public, political and business figures within the framework of the visit of the PACE's rapporteurs.


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