Question on holding a referendum must be solved in the session hall of the Kyiv council in order not to spend budget means. Oleksiy Omelyanenko, chairman of Party of Regions faction in the Kyiv council, commented on the initiative on holding a referendum of no confidence to the capital’s authorities.

According to the deputy, holding of the referendum and approval of its results must be supported first in the session hall of the Kyiv council. “The Constitution demands this. I the opposition considers it question may be supported and passed in the Kyiv council, it must first of all submit it for consideration there. If they have a decree of the Kyiv council, there is no need to hold the referendum,” Omelyanenko pointed out.

The faction head considers that “there is no need to spend budget means, because if the results of the referendum are not supported by the Kyiv council, money will be wasted.

As a reminder, the initiative group on holding referendum on dismissal of Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky and dissolution of the council was formed December 23, 2006.


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