If the President sign and publish the law on the Cabinet, the Parliament will consider immediately eight principal proposals to this law of the head of the State and probably they all will be approved, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Olexander Moroz told.

In the scope of the working trip to Odessa on Wednesday, Moroz discussed this issue with the President through telephone.

“I proposed the President to sign the law again and to introduce proposals. I opined that President’s proposals will be considered by the Parliament urgently. I suppose most of them will be approved. The President stated that he would try to think over all these questions again,” he noted.

The speaker noted that the President must sign the law on the Cabinet. It will remove imitated disputed situation around him.

“If some amendments contradict the Constitution, the President can introduce changes to this law, I can assure they will be considered quickly, efficiently and urgently,” Moroz said.

“If the President makes negative decision, I will have to do it. Not because I wish it but because it is the imperative determined by the Constitution,” Moroz stressed.

“The President should realize the situation and should not become an interested person,” he said.


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