First vice PM and Finance Minister Mykola Azarov told journalists about financing procedure for the Foreign Ministry.

“There is a state order, according to which a financial document can be signed by a legally appointed head. The Treasure has no right to take documents signed by a minister, who is not a minister,” Azarov declared and reminded that according to the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada Borys Tarasyuk had been dismissed from the post of Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

According to Azarov, when the minister is absent, only legally appointed deputy minister can sign all financial documents, and only these specimen signatures can be taken by the Treasure to finance the ministry.

“It is obvious that the Cabinet cannot leave diplomatic corps without money for salaries and rent. We understand our responsibility for secure work of our diplomatic representative offices abroad, but the problem is, whether the so-called foreign minister, as he names himself, understands this. I think he does not,” Azarov declared. He underlined that “any visits of the so-called minister will not be financed.”

It is worth to mention that Azarov appreciated that Tarasyuk does not sign any orders or instructions, which, however, are never considered and carried out.


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