The law “On the Cabinet of Ukraine” will be promulgated in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Olexander Moroz told. He told the journalists today that in case the President of Ukraine does not sign this law, the speaker of the VR “must promulgate it”.

Moroz stressed: “I don’t have another way.” He noted there is already his signature as a Chairman of the VR under this law. The document was signed when it was forwarded to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko after its adoption by the Parliament. That’s why the matter now concerns only promulgation of the given law.

He noted that “judge can’t read the Constitution and makes completely senseless decision.”

Moroz called the decision of the Mukachev regional court ‘interesting”. According to the head of the VR, the decision was made without consideration of parties’ positions.

According to him, there are many details he does not wan to comment on not to “humiliate President’s institution” in any way.Moroz said: “I look at things that have either forgery or fraud look. It is completely inadmissible


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