The Foreign Minister of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk calls the situationon financing of the Foreign Ministry absurd. He told the journalists on Monday.

“Now the situation looks absurd,” Tarasyuk said.

The Minister said the Finance Ministry approved budget financing of the Foreign Ministry. At the same time State Treasury does not accept documents and specimen signatures of these documents. The Treasury states that it does not admit Tarasyuk as a Minister “Nowadays the Minister is on holidays, but there is an acting Minister it is in Ministry regulations that are determined by the Cabinet’s resolution. What are the problems then?” Tarasyuk said.

He considers the situation is merely leaded in the end.

Tarasyuk noted that there is one way out in this situation: all officials should obey the laws and fulfill their duties.

At the same time the Minister didn’t answer the question whether the financing of Foreign Ministry is renewed now.


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