Head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Yevhen Chervonenko told ForUm about circumstances of the conflict with local police, which officials try to evict him from the house.

Chervonenko noted that the conflict with the local police and attempts to evict his from his house started when he dared to criticize actions of the police.

“I am not going to leave my place on principle. A question on my eviction arose after my criticism in address of local police government,” Chervonenko underlined. “If the region is excellent in all activities, then in criminality it is awful. Number of dead bodies fro New Year holidays increased twice the statistics of the last year. On the session of the coordinating council I dared to declare that police chief reported on detaining illegal street vendors of dry fish and pasties, but he never told about 30 dead bodies found and about knifed under age boy and girl,” he specified.

Analyzing the situation Chervonenko supposed that “in Zaporizhzhya interests of the police come across interests of local criminals…and bandits feel unpunished.”

In connection with the conflict Chervonenko underlined that he does not have any personal ambitions, demands, requests or dislike for the police chief. “I live in peace with all defense and law enforcement agencies and Zaporizhzhya region showed an example of tolerance to the whole country. But when I dared to criticize, they responded with meanness, not typical for men. First they divulged information that I was allegedly involved in criminal actions and did not pay housing rent. In response I hung out a receipt, which said that I paid even extra,” the governor told.

According to him, after that he received a letter from the police governing body, which stated that ventilation flaws were detected in the house he rents. The flaws caused deformation of some parts of the house and the building must be dismantled. “But I am not going to leave the house,” Chervonenko declared.

The governor considers that one of the causes of the conflict was a fact that information was concealed from him, especially the case when “some police officials called prostitutes before the New Year and when the latter asked for payment, policemen put them on the floor and started to shoot at them; one of the girls was wounded.”


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