Vice president of the European Parliament Marek Sivec considers that Ukraine is loosing time in the Eurointegration process. “The list of integration issues our parties disagree about is very long. I think Ukraine must do something faster,” he said.

“Your country is on the path to Europe. The question is how fast you are proceeding along this path. As far as I understand your Constitution, the President being a sort of a head of a committee of directors is responsible for foreign policy. Executive director of your “company” is the Prime Minister. These both must cooperate. If they do not cooperate there is a mess. If there is a mess there is no clear signal. If there is no signal there are no partners for negotiations. Ukraine is loosing time – and time is the most valuable thing. You can turn back everything, but time,” Sivec told in an interview to Glavred newspaper.

He noted that waste of a year or two for Ukraine is fraught with absence of considerable reforms. “If we speak about integration, we must also speak about economy: about energy carriers’ cost, land property, bank system, juridical system, fight against corruption. All these issue must be on agenda of the government,” Sivec said.


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