Interior Ministry has taken control of the criminal case on Kushnaryov’s death, instituted by Izyum regional prosecutor’s office.

The main version of the incident which caused death of Party of Regions deputy Yevhen Kushnaryov is casual handling with gun.

Izyum department of Interior Ministry reported that Dmytro Zavalny shot Yevhen Kushnaryov with Italian carbine Benelli Argo during going around the chase they rent.

Deputy chief of Kharkiv regional police department Valentyn Fesyunin told that according to witnesses, January 16 Kushnaryov and his friend came to the Izym city and went to forests, where a group of his friends was waiting for him. Then they decided to go around the chase – they took two hunting rifles, got into Toyota Land Cruiser and went to the forests. In some time they saw a wolf running parallel to their car. The car stopped, the wolf ran ahead. Kushnaryov and the driver (probably Zavalny) jumped out the car with guns and went in different directions. In some seconds, people in the car heard firing shots and later – cries for help.

“Yevhen and the driver ran in different direction, but it was dark already and they were in bushes, plus hunter’s heat – so he did not notice,” Fesyunin explained.

According to Oleksandr Nechyporenko, official of Kharkiv regional state administration, the only suspect in this case is old friend of Kushnaryov Dmytro Zavalny. Presumably, it was he, who shot Kushnaryov.

Tetyna Bahteyeva, member of PR faction and experienced doctor, said that according to her data, the bullet entered from the right in hypochondrium on-the-miter.

“It passed through liver, right kidney and bowels. Probably, it came from above. It is rather suspicious. Law enforcement officials must investigate this situation very thoroughly,” the expert said.  


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