Interior Ministry of Ukraine is working out all possible version of wounding one of the leaders of Party of Regions Yevhen Kushnaryov. Head of public relation department of the ministry Konstantin Stogniy told ForUm’s correspondent.

“Police must work out all possible versions starting from the most unbelievable: attempt, murder, calculated homicide... They must be either confirmed or cast aside,” Stogniy explained.

According to him, a special commission has been formed to collect materials, interrogate witnesses and participants of the incident. Stogniy refused to name those, who were with Kushnaryov, when the latter was shot.

In response to the question whether it is true that Kushnaryov was wounded by a shot of deputy director of Kharkiv plant “Tochmash”, Stogniy declared it was unofficial information and he could not comment on rumour.

Stogniy considers that examinations will be finished in few days. “Experts will announce their decision after they have interrogated witnesses, found a bullet and established where from it was fired,” he explained.

As reported earlier, the incident happened yesterday when Kushnaryov and his friends were coming back from a hunt for a wild boar. Staying in the car they saw an animal, may be a wolf, came out the car and began shooting. Kushnaryov occasionally happened to be in area of fire.

The deputy died Wednesday in the hospital of the Izyum city, Kharkiv region.


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