President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko considers that mines should not be closed but conveyed to private hands. Yushchenko told Wednesday at a press conference in Donetsk.

“For many years we hear about closing mines and only two years ago we adopted the program “Coal of Ukraine.” It is needed to develop our home energy resources. Gas and oil prices are increasing, and under new conditions Ukraine needs coal, but mines’ closing subject must be forgotten,” Yushchenko said.

According to the President, closing of mines is a shady business. “A mine was closed in Luhanks and officials spent pretty sum of money on the basis of 40 ths dollars for each miner. But people never received this money, as it disappeared in shady schemes. Now a private structure addressed me and asked to help with buying this very mine. People are ready to pay money for that what the state does not need,” the President underlined.

According to Yushchenko is right tendency. Yushchenko cited Russia as an example, where there is not any state coal producer.  


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