During his working visit to Donetsk Victor Yushchenko addressed students and professors of Donetsk National University, president's press office reported.

In his speech, the President said the young played a pivotal role in the country’s development. Ukraine’s future depends on skills, values and human qualities you gain and mature as university students, he explained. Yushchenko described Ukrainian students as “the most progressive part of the nation, which thus can be ready for active changes our reality needs.”

He said the more united a nation was, the more ambitious goals it set.

“The question how to unite Ukraine is today’s paramount challenge,” he said, adding that only a common goal could help us unite.

The President reminded the students that Ukraine would observe Reunion Day on January 22.

He insisted that the unity issue should be discussed publicly and said he was ready for open debates, which is why he signed the National Unity Pact last summer.

Yushchenko characterized federalism and separatism, which many political parties in Ukraine’s eastern regions advocate, as “luggage that must be left in the past.”

“These things conflict with Ukraine’s place and role in the future and make it weak,” he opined.

The President said the government must build a transparent, competitive and legal economy and have balanced fiscal policy to ensure high social standards. He said Ukraine’s future was in Europe, which now creates the best conditions for economic, social and humanitarian development. He, however, added that Ukraine was quite active in the eastern market.

Yushchenko also said he was not going to sign last Friday’s law on the cabinet of ministers and extended moratorium on the sale of farmland. He called on Ukrainian politicians to compromise "to do no harm to our people and society."


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