Advisor of the President, former chairman of the National Security and Defense Council Volodymyr Gorbulin considers that BYuT’s vote for the law of Cabinet destroyed relations between the BYuT’s leader Yulia Tymoshenko and the President and the Our Ukraine bloc.

“Tymoshenko did everything she wanted. She crossed the Rubicon. Her relations with Our Ukraine are finished once and for all. I think that relations with the President are finished too,” the advisor told in an interview to “Den’” newspaper.

Commenting on the statement of the Party of Regions on possible liquidation of the NSDC, Gorbulin noted that “it is the next nonsense, cast by emotional enthusiasm over the Party of Regions.”

“Security Council is a body, which exists in all civilized countries. Formation of state institutes cannot depend on the will of one political party only,” he said.


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