According to head of Main health department of Kharkiv administration Bohdan Volos, the latest consultations of doctors confirmed very grave condition of Party of Regions deputy Yevhen Kushnaryov: the patient’s blood pressure has increased and internal bleeding is to be observed. Doctors take necessary therapeutic measures.

Chairman of Kharkiv regional state administration Arsen Avakov also reported that special transport for urgent delivery is waiting for German specialists to bring them to Izyum hospital.

There are no detained persons on case of injuring of the people’s deputy Yevhen Kushnaryov, Center of public communications of Interior Ministry in Kharkiv region informed.

Officials of investigating administration of Interior Ministry of Kharkiv region carry on the criminal case on injury. Five persons interrogated on Kushnaryov’s case.

The Case is instituted according to article 128 of Criminal Code of Ukraine “Careless, grave or medium grave injury.” The article foresees punishment as forced labor or imprisonment up to two years.

The incident happened when hunters were coming back. They saw an animal, came out the car and began shooting. Kushnaryov occasionally happened to be in area of fire.

As it is known from deputy department, Kushnaryov was injured after shot of Dmytro Zavalny the deputy head of Kharkiv plant.


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