Illegal migrants, established in Ukraine prevail in number in 2006 by 44% over ones, detained in 2005. According to data of the State Frontier Service, as many as 26,000 illegal migrant were registered in Ukraine in 2006.

It has been well publicized that migration to Western Europe has increased significantly over the past 15 years, with Western Europe receiving 42 percent of migrants from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as growing numbers of migrants from the former Soviet Union. What is less known is that on a global level, Germany and France are the only Western European nations in the top-ten migrant-receiving countries. Russia is number two after the USA, and Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Poland are also in the top ten.

Russia attracts migrants from the rest of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine and Poland both serve as transit points for migrants on their way to Western Europe.

2006 saw detention of 9,500 Moldavians, 2,600 Uzbeks, 2,300 Armenians, 2,100 Azeris, 1, 250 Tajikis, 1,230 Georgians and 1,100 Russians.

According to the World Bank report, Ukraine holds the fourth place in top 10 migrants-receiving countries worldwide.

Ukrainian frontier guards detained as many as 741 Indians, 726 Chinese, 712 Turkish, 522 Pakistanis, 475 Kirgistanians, 365 Kazakhs, 262 citizens of Bangladesh, 195 citizens of Vietnam and 186 Palestinians.


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