On January 11, 2006 the Verkhovna Rada replaced the NBU Council Members that are elected under the Ukrainian Parliament’s nomination quota.

Regions of Ukraine has the strongest represenation in the newly appointed NBU Council as follows:

· Mr. Vasyl Gorbal (Regions of Ukraine party)

· Mr. Sergiy Kluyev (Regions of Ukraine party)

· Mr. Borys Kolesnikov (Regions of Ukraine Party)

· Mr. Mykhailo Goncharov (the Socialist party)

· Mr. Igor Prasolov (Regions of Ukraine party)

· Mr. Petro Poroshenko (Our Ukraine party)

‘No radical changes are to be expected. All new members of the NBU Council make their mind to bend every effort to keep domestic currency stable’, as Mr. Vasyl Gorbal, Honorary President of UkrGasBank, comments on the recent NBU Council appointments. He says the first Meeting of the Council is to be held in early February, where the background of the money and credit policy and NBU budget are to be discussed.

Mr. Vasyl Gorbal, a reputed professional in the financial world as an expert in banking, has alredy worked as the NBU Council Member since 2003 through 2005 (under the President’s nomination quota).


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