Press office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published a statement, which declares that Borys Tarasyuk was dismissed from the post of Foreign Minister of Ukraine, and so he is not authorized to pay official foreign visit.

As the statement reminds, press office of the Foreign Ministry spread information on that January 15 Tarasyuk left for Czech Republic as a Foreign Minister of Ukraine. Some Mass Medias reported that for the visit Tarasyuk interrupted his vacation, given by the President of Ukraine.

In this connection the press office of the Cabinet is authorized to declare: Tarasyuk was dismissed from the post of Foreign Minister of Ukraine on December 1, 2006 in accordance with the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine #413 of 01.12.2006.

The right on such dismissal is provided by item 12, article 85 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which refers dismissal of the Foreign Minister to commissions of the parliament.

At the same time, article 106 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which determines commissions of the President of Ukraine, does not provide for such commissions as making decision concerning minister’s further staying in office and granting vacations to members of the government.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine did not grant vacation to Tarasyuk and did not decide on his official foreign visit.

Hence, Tarasyuk cannot be considered an official, who is on leave, and especially who is authorized by the state to pay official foreign visits.

Taking into account all above mentioned, Prime Minister of Ukraine appealed General Office of Public Prosecutor with a request to take measures and react on Tarasyuk actions, which damage interests and image of the state and influence results of the Cabinet activities as regards foreign and external economic policies. The PM demands the Prosecutor’s Office to make a corresponding decision in accordance to the legislation in force.


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