“Our Ukraine” said that BYuT supported anti constitutional upheaval, having voted for overriding the President’s veto on the Cabinet law.

Today factions of so called anti crisis coalition in particular Party of Regions, Social party of Ukraine, Communists party of Ukraine and also BYuT overrode veto of the head of the State on law of Ukraine “On Cabinet of Ukraine.”

“Adopted law on the Cabinet, prepared mainly by the Party of Regions, is anti constitutional and aimed at monopolization of power by the PM, Government and so called anti crisis coalition.

The President of Ukraine and “Our Ukraine” introduced many amendments in the law on the Cabinet of Ukraine, but all of them were ignored,” “Our Ukraine” declaration says.

“Our Ukraine” considers it as anti constitutional upheaval and usurpation of power by so called anti crisis coalition in particular by Party of Regions and its obedient satellites SPU, CPU and from recent times BYuT.

“Our Ukraine” thinks one more examination for “Oranges” and democratic political forces took place today.

People’s deputies declared that after BYuT supported ant crisis upheaval by its voting there is only one force in the Parliament that will stand up for ideals of Maydan, this force is “Our Ukraine.”


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