President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko will not signed any of the laws adopted today by the parliament, deputy Secretariat Chief of Staff Arseny Yatsenyuk told Friday at a briefing.

Yatsenyuk considers this day very resulting as regards determination of “what price words of Ukrainian politicians have.” “Today’s voting clearly showed that agreements are made to be violated later,” he underlined.

Yatsenyuk noted that the law on Cabinet is interference in activity of the President and juridical branch of the power. “The adopted law violates every agreement made at the high state level,” he said and added that “law must not be written for certain officials in force.”

In response to specifying question what he expected from today’s voting, Yatsenyuk said: “Nothing else.”

In addition, deputy Secretariat Chief of Staff said that after formation of such anti-presidential constitutional majority in the parliament the President should appeal to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine with a submission to cancel the political reform.

“Even a political game must have rules,” he underscored.


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