Deputies of Our Ukraine faction have just unblocked the parliamentary tribune and speaker Oleksandr Moroz keeps the work of the Verkhovna Rada going, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Moroz informed that heads of VR factions had consultations. According to him, Our Ukraine submitted a proposition to consider laws on Cabinet, imperative mandate and opposition before the end of the session, and exactly in such consequences.

361 parliamentarians supported this decision, however none of Our Ukraine voted for it.

Leader of Our Ukraine factions Vyacheslav Kyrylenko declared that Our Ukraine had not submitted any proposition, Moroz informed about. According to Kyrylenko, it was done by the anti-crisis coalition.

He underlined that Our Ukraine consider it important to adopt the law on Cabinet taking into account President’s propositions. Kyrylenko noted that it is necessary to include President’s propositions into the agenda and to vote for them. According to the deputy, any other issues are not of great importance for Our Ukraine.

Leader of Party of Regions faction Raisa Bogatyryova also told journalists about agreements, achieved among participants of extraordinary conciliatory council, taken place after blocking the parliamentary tribune by Our Ukraine deputies.

According to her, the leaders agreed on that despite the results of voting for the law of Cabinet, Our Ukraine faction would not hamper the work of the parliament and block the tribune.

Bogatyryova also noted that leaders of the parliamentary factions agreed to consider first the law on Cabinet, and then “other very important for Ukraine laws.”

“Faction of Party of Regions always stated that the law on opposition and the law on imperative mandate are needed today. Which is why we confirm in public that we will vote for these draft bills – for the law on imperative mandate as a whole and for the law on opposition in its first reading,” Bogatyryova said.


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