People’s deputy of Ukraine, member of Our Ukraine faction Matvienko explained journalists the position of this political force, which is blocking the tribune now, standing against the consideration of the law on opposition, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

According to Matvienko, the main principles of democracy and opposition work must be registered in regulations, but not in a law on opposition.

The deputy is convinced that adoption of the law on opposition will become a violation of democracy’s principles, as the matter concerns “some homogeneity of opposition, though opposition cannot be homogeneous.”

Matvienko reminded that the law on opposition had been rejected once and according to the regulations it cannot be considered during this session, however, despite this, “the anti-crisis coalition and BYuT faction voted together for including this law into the agenda without any prior discussions.”

“It means that there is an agreement. What have they agreed about? They’ve agreed on that it is necessary to pass the law on Cabinet of Ministers, which establishes dictatorship of Yanukovych and his team, who ignore Constitution and interfere in President’s plenary powers, as well as in the work of other institutes of the power,” Matvienko is convinced.

According to the deputy, in such a way the anti-crisis coalition and the Cabinet make presents to Yulia Tymoshenko in a form of these two laws.


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