The special service has many questions to personal security guard of the ex deputy chairman of the SBU Satsyuk. This man controlled work of waiters and could put dioxin in Yushchenko’s plate. As the service suspected him he disappeared and now is wanted. The President is already convinced in the truth of this version. Because of this the President declared that he knows exactly the place and time of the crime: supper at Satsyuk’ cottage house.

According to this version, there is a suspicion that poison was put in pilaw. There are questions to personal security guard of the Satsyuk who controlled bringing dishes quests among which were Victor Yushchenko, the Head of the SBU Ihor Smeshko, David Zhvaniya the people’s deputy and the companion of Yushchenko.

The security guard of Satsyuk was present at the cottage house by the end of the meal. And except security provision he observed waiters’ work According to the version, in contrast to other dishes, he served pilaw in separate plates to each person.

The special service suspect that dioxin was in the plate at that time. This explains that not all people had signs of poisoning but only Yushchenko (to a great extent) and Zhvaniya (to a lesser extent).


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