According to poll, conducted by Razumkov’s center of researches, citizens of Ukraine consider parliamentary elections the main political event of the year 2006.

24.5% of respondents regard election battle as the main even of the year. The second important event was appointment of Victor Yanukovych for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine (11.3%). The third place was given to the formation of the anti-crisis coalition (7.8%)

Strangely enough that some events, around which heated debates were held, are not treated by Ukrainians as important. So, only 2.2% of respondents named recognition of Holodomor as genocide against the Ukrainian people as the most important event of the year. The same number of people (2.2%) considered sudden increase of communal services tariffs as an event of the year.

Then in descending order follow such events as “budget scandal” (1.7%), “Moroz’s betrayal” (1.4%), “Lutsenko’s dismissal (1.2%), “signing of the Universal” (1.1%), “crash of orange ideas” (1.1%), “collapse of the orange coalition” (1%), “dismissal of Tarasyuk” (1%).

23.6% of respondent found it difficult to name the most important event of the year 2006.


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