Witnesses, recognized as victims in Shcherban case, abandoned their accusatory testimonies. Now they say they gave these testimonies under pressure of law law enforcement bodies.

Deputy Prosecutor general Renat Kuz’min said yesterday that shortly before criminal action against Shcherban one of the witnesses had a meeting with the President’s brother Petro Yushchenko. The latter allegedly asked the witness to persuade Shcherban to sell his business in Sumy regions. But when Shcherban knew the offered price, he refused. Then Shcherban was promised that his business would be taken from him anyway, and he himself would be imprisoned. Later on a criminal action was brought against Shcherban.

“Shcherban never told us about this episode, but when we got testimonies from the witness and Shcherban came to know about it, he confirmed everything under oath,” Kuz’min said.

The President’s brother was inaccessible for comments yesterday.


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