Deputy Prosecutor general Renat Kuz’min declares that the place of finding of the dying statement of the former head of Interior Ministry of Ukraine Yuri Kravchenko causes doubts of that his death was a suicide.

“Today we try to establish where a notebook disappeared, which the list for statement was taken from, where a pen, Kravchenko wrote the letter with, is. The very place the letter was found (in belt of his sport trousers) causes doubts of that it was a suicide,” Kuz’min reported.

According to the deputy Prosecutor General, the investigation has a lot of questions, which do not let to say unambiguously whether it was a crime or a suicide. He noted that a number of examinations are being made. “Final decision can be made only after holding all necessary for investigation actions,” Kuz’min said.

At the same time the deputy Prosecutor General underlined: “The fact that Kravchenko was one of the most informed witnesses on Gongadze case might have shorten his life.”


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