Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksandr Medvedko asserts that neither President Victor Yushchenko nor Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych interfere in work of the General Office of Public Prosecutor. Medvedko told in an interview to “Kontracty” weekly.

“At least, neither the President nor the Premier addressed me with personal requests,” the Prosecutor General said. Medvedko noted that the Head of State obviously is interested in activity of the Prosecutor’s Office. In particular, according to Medvedko, recently he had a meeting with the President concerning VAT restitution.

“The President is sometimes unsatisfied with our work, but it is normal, as nothing can be perfect. But there was never a request to bring an action against someone or to arrest somebody,” Medvedko said.

As for the Premier, the Prosecutor General said that he has never discussed his work with Yanukovych. “I inform the Premier about our activity in written form,” Medvedko said.


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