Kyiv city chairman Leonid Chernovetsky and mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov signed today a Protocol on cooperation between the Moscow’s government and Kyiv city state administration. The signing ceremony took place in Moscow in the scope of Leonid Chernovetsky’s visit.

According to the press office of Kyiv city state administration, Luzhkov noted that the visit of Kyiv delegation to Moscow is “a significant even”, and witnesses about renewal of close partnership relations between the two cities.

The parties discussed a number of mutually beneficial investment projects, culture and social protection issues.

The press office reported that Moscow and All Russia patriarch Aleksiy II received the Ukrainian delegation in his residence.  The patriarch familiarized himself with the plan of development of the Kyiv city state administration. He wished Chernovetsky God’s help and congratulated him on coming New Year and Christmas holidays.

Aleksiy II also appreciated an experimental subject “Basis of Christian ethic” for Kyiv schools.

The KCSA reminded that nowadays there are valid documents about friendship, cooperation and partnership of Kyiv with 56 cities of the world. Exchange of delegations with cities of the Russian Federation is carried out constantly as well.


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