Some fight occurred in the hall of the Cabinet, the ForUm’s correspondent reports.

The people’s deputies from Party of Regions and the Cabinet’s securities do not let the Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk participate in the Cabinet’s session, who was accompanied by Mykola Katerynchuk, a people’s deputy, a member of “Our Ukraine”.

Tarasyuk and Katerynchuk were pushed out from the hall to the next hall and locked, not to let the press in. When at last the press managed to come in the hall, Tarasyuk was not let out. Tarasyuk said that the deputies from the Party of Regions break the law and the Constitution of Ukraine. “They prevent me from doing my duties,” the Minister said.

At the moment Tarasyuk is not let out the hall as before.

Later on a fight happened between deputies from Our Ukraine and Party of Regions factions.

The Minister accompanied by his assistants managed to burst through the guard, having knocked down a frame of a metal finder, but near the doors he was stopped.

Now the opponents are talking near the door to the hall, where a Cabinet session is being held.


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