The people deputy of Ukraine Svyatoslav Oliynyk (BYuT faction) offers to listen to a report of the Interior Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Tsushko about mass dismissal of head officials of Interior Ministry on December 22 at the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The text of the correspondent draft resolution of the VR is registered in the Parliament. Oliynyk noted that mass dismissal of deputies Interior Minister during the short term proves the implementation of political approach to the personnel policy in the Interior Ministry.

The deputy stressed that it is inadmissible as it is a “signal for criminal world” and it will lead to growth of crime rate and deterioration of criminogenic situation in the State.

Oliynyk reminded that Tsushko said he would be guided by two criteria in personnel appointments –professionalism and honesty. The deputy noted that in such short term December 1 – 13 (from the moment of Minister’s appointment up to the decision on dismissal of his deputies – ed.) Tsushko couldn’t carry out personnel changes of the state officials of the highest rank, proceeded from professional aspect and couldn’t check their correspondence with the mentioned criteria and principals.

Moreover Oliynyk said that mass character of dismissals proves that deputies were forced to send in resignation applications. Proceeding from his data, Oliynyk declared the resignation applications were “knocked out” of other heads of different Interior Ministry’s departments. He also mentioned about “some secret list approximately of 380 persons who are planned to be dismissed in the whole structure of the Interior Ministry, including regions. “Such gross rotation is absolutely inadmissible,” Oliynyk noted.

He noted that politicization of Interior Ministry apart from imbalance and instability inside the Ministry contradicts to the Law of Ukraine “About Police”, the Constitution of Ukraine, other legal and statutory acts of IM and international legal regulations.


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