Challenging issues of realization of the Constitutional reform in Ukraine were discussed by Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych and United States Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor during their Monday meeting, Cabinet press office reported.

As the Justice Ministry's press service told, Mr Taylor was interested in the Minister's vision of settling the problematic situation in Ukraine, which developed in connection with new constitutional provisions taking effect.

In the Ambassador's opinion, there are three likely ways of the crisis regulation. These are either to return to the President Kuchma model, when the President had unlimited authorities, providing the Prime Minister with dominating status in the executive power or application of the mixed form of government when cooperation is not the desire but the duty of the sides.

The Ukrainian Minister said he is an adherent of the parliamentary model of the state government. However, in his opinion, the existent model is also efficient, if the President and his Secretariat, Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Cabinet Secretariat "absolutely strictly stick to the Constitution". "An opinion that norms of the Ukrainian legislation are so much imperfect that can be interpreted from opposite positions, is false. The majority of norms are clear. But if there is no desire to follow them, these clear norms turn into ambiguous," the Minister said.

Presently, Mr Lavrynovych said, Ukraine is faced a problem of the fight for authorities and ruling in the system of the executive power. "We have a problem of two centres of the executive power. The State cannot be successful if this problem is not clearly settled," the Minister said.

In that connection the Minister expressed his concerns about the destiny of laws, which are to determine the procedural norms of power functioning, in particular the draft law "On the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine". "If these laws are passed, they will suffer heavy fate. One must not see visions to predict the President's veto on them," Oleksandr Lavrynovych said.


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