Personnel changes in the Interior Ministry will be executed both at the level of the central department and in the regions, the first deputy Interior Minister of Ukraine Mykhaylo Korniyenko informed.

“It will be concerned not only regions but also central department. All who played the political violins, let them go to play these violins in the politics. The time has come for professionals. The major criteria is professionalism and law priority. The law will be the highest policy of Interior Ministry,” Korniyenko said.

He also assured that there will be no further confrontation with the General Office of Public Prosecutor. According to him, department confrontation between these departments had only political character.

“There will be no confrontation. It has no ground. Everyone should do his work. If the police prepared quality material and submitted it to the Office of Public Prosecutor, it means everything is ok. If something is underdone, it means the General Office of Public Prosecutor and any other Office of Public Prosecutor will surely lay just claims. One should just work,” he noted.


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