Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych on Monday criticized President Viktor Yushchenko's decrees as unpredictable in a statement that signaled growing tensions between the two Orange Revolution foes, "International Herald Tribune" reported.

"Regarding the president's decrees, we do not know how they are prepared. We do not expect them and we do not know what the aim of them is," Yanukovych said Monday. "A number of decrees are adopted unpredictably."

On Monday Yanukovych said that defining the functions of the cabinet and of the president was "very difficult and very painful."

Yanukovych also said that representatives of Yushchenko's office had failed to take part in drafting next year's budget despite an earlier agreement. Last week, the government and the president struggled over the budget as the president vetoed it and the governing coalition failed to override the veto.

Yushchenko said last Thursday that his relations with the premier were worsening, noting it was not his fault. A day later the two men met and pledged to solve their differences.


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