As Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych stated, beginning from August 2006 Ukraine's economy has been developing efficiently and the growth of GDP has reached 8.3 percent over the past four months, Cabinet press office reported.

Speaking at a session of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine on Monday, the Ukrainian Prime Minister noted that in the 2005 respective period the GDP growth amounted to mere 0.2 percent. The Prime Minister promised that the 2007 GDP growth will be at least 6.5%. Among factors to reach this performance he named introduction of the innovative - investment model of development and reduction of pressure on producers by 4 to 4.5 percent, under the 2007 budget. "In 2008 the pressure will decrease by 7 percent, as compared to 2006 and will reach 26 - 26.5 percent," the Premier said.

In the Prime Minister's opinion, the introduction of such a model of economy will promote enterprises to increase their own investment resources and will allow significant raise of wages. "And we will task enterprises of different property forms to increase wage share in the product cost," he said.

On Tuesday, December 19 the President vetoed-budget 2007 is supposed to be considered by the parliament.


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